Things to keep in mind when students borrow money without interest

We are no longer strangers to leaflets and advertisements that are full of gates of universities and colleges with an extremely attractive “invitation” “financial support for students to borrow interest-free loans “. However, if you are not alert, then the students will easily fall into the “trap” of black credit.

One must admit that, now after finishing high school, the pupils and parents alike want themselves and their children to go on to higher education programs like colleges, universities and institutes … However, in order to pursue such a program, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, apart from having to pay a compulsory tuition fee, the Students also have to cover and pay for other fees such as travel expenses, house rent, daily living expenses, extra tuition …. And not everyone is eligible to easily cover their student life.

Black credit today is “swarming” across school gates and bus stations in major cities

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It is for this reason that at the school gates, bus stations, electric poles, the areas around the inn, or on social networking sites, it is easy to see the leaflets and advertisements with extremely “invitations”. attractive “financial aid for students to borrow interest-free loans “. This is a phenomenon that is flourishing in the major cities today, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. If you just need your ID card or student ID card, you can borrow the money you want. However, if you are not alert enough and bravery before those sweet words, the students will easily fall into the “trap” of black credit.

The trick of the “black trap” of credit is to use ” give students interest-free loans ” but they actually calculate daily interest with exorbitant prices; “The debt stacked on debt, the amount of money borrowed by the children will grow more and more when there is no capacity to pay, the owners of these credit facilities will use” strong “measures to intimidate students like threatening text messages, blocking at the school gates and classrooms, coming to the family to collect debts … The fact shows that, just because of the “trap” of black credit, there are students who have to drop out of school, leave home to live elsewhere and even have to give up their lives.

Students need to be alert to the sweet offers of black credit

Students need to be alert to the sweet offers of black credit

So if students have a need to borrow money for legitimate purposes or to pay for their own study program, it is better for them to come to the centers, banks for students to borrow money. no reputable interest has been recognized by competent agencies such as: at credit funds where families reside, TPBank, FE Credit; Home Credit … Besides, students as well as parents need to pay great attention and refer to loan packages as well as information on loan application for students.

Students need to choose a loan package suitable for their ability to pay for themselves and their families, so consider and choose low-interest loan packages. When making loan documents, they should note the following information: Information of borrowers; Interest rate; Interest payment time; Interest rate calculation method. If any errors are found or any questions are asked, they need to contact the center staff immediately to get the most detailed answers to minimize risks during their participation. loans, especially cases of overdue interest payments or inability to repay the loan.

The above are useful information about giving students interest-free loans and hope that with such useful knowledge, students and parents will have a certain amount of knowledge. so as not to be caught by the “pitfalls” of black credit. I wish you all good learning and success in life.

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