The world changed and the credit too.

This company of Argentine origin, as they say on their own website, is the first collaborative finance network that administers credits between people who want to put their money to work and people who want to find more human credits.

The voice that gives the name to the Fintech, is Italian of Latin origin, and describes the concept of abundance, fluidity and wealth, these concepts are those that are expected to exist among the members of the community.

Afluenta is a crowdlending platform oriented to consumer credit. The particularity of this company is that once the applicants indicate the amount of money desired, investors compete to invest their money through an auction indicating the price with which they want to participate. Once the amount of the loan has been fully funded, with the contributions of many investors associated with the program, it will be consolidated into a single loan with its corresponding obligations.


  • When there is competition among several investors to put their money, due to the auction mode, the rates are reduced in the final price for the applicant.
  • The rate also varies, depending on the credit history of the applicant, with a lower interest corresponding to applicants with clean records.
  • The process is very fast and convenient, since you can do it 100% online and in simple steps.
  • The monthly refund can be in really small installments, from only 35 pesos.
  • It is a credit requested by people, to investors who are also people, so by eliminating banks from the equation can reduce interest considerably.


  • At the time of requesting the loan, you must have an age between 18 and 70 years.
  • Be the holder of a bank account, where you can enter the amount, and in turn where you can collect the monthly repayment fees.
  • Have a cell phone and an email account, through which the communication will be carried out, as well as the verification of data, transmission of important information, etc.
  • Be Mexican and have a certificate of permanent residence in the country.
  • Have proof of net monthly income of at least 8500 pesos.
  • Show that you have a seniority of at least 9 months.
  • If you have a good credit history in the previous 24 months, you will have many more chances of getting advantageous conditions.

Loan details:

Loan details:

  • The deadline for returning the requested money may be made in terms of 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months.
  • Afluenta can offer you different amounts depending on the credit category you belong to based on your credit history:
    • Within category A: individuals are allowed to request credits of up to 200,000 pesos.
    • Within the AA category: the user is allowed to request an amount that is between 10,000 and 200,000 pesos.
    • The rest of the profiles will have access to an amount of 10,000 to 150,000

Payment Methods:

  • The recommended option is to direct the payment, in this way you will avoid oversights and high interest for non-payment.
  • You can do it by online transfer.
  • The deadline will be one day of the month chosen by you, in which you will pay a fixed fee to be returned monthly and that can not be modified.

What happens if I can not pay on time?

  • The monthly payment is recommended, be automatically charged to the account of the person requesting the credit on the date chosen by the applicant during the indicated period, since if it is not carried out on time, there will be high fees for delay.

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