December 3, 2019

Credit repurchase: the smart solution to save!

Do you have too many credits outstanding?

Good Finance can help you reduce your monthly payments * by grouping all your credits into one We find for you the most suitable solution which will allow you, once again, to make projects.


Be careful, you should not confuse the repurchase of mortgage, also called “renegotiation of loan”, which consists in having repurchased its loan by another bank to obtain a more attractive rate, and the repurchase of credits in the sense of “grouping of credits ”. This operation consists of consolidating several loans (consumer, revolving, auto, real estate) into one, to obtain a reduced monthly payment thanks to an extension of duration.

How to do?

How to do?

You can reduce your monthly payments by combining all or part of your credits.

– 60% *
on your monthly payments

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* Decreasing the amount of the monthly payments can lead to the lengthening of the loan period and increase the total cost of the credit. Example of a customer: buy back 4 consumer loans at a fixed interest rate of 3.45% for a loan of $ 50,000. Monthly installment of $ 424.53 for 144 months (excluding optional insurance) against $ 1,321 previously, a drop of 67.86% and a debt ratio which goes from 68% to 21.86%. APR: 5.61%. Total amount due before RAC: $ 51,550. Total amount due after the RAC operation: $ 61,132.

Our loan buy-back services

Our loan buy-back services

Good Finance provides you with simulators and news on the subject of credit repurchase to better inform you.

  • Credit repurchase simulators

    What drop in monthly payments thanks to the grouping of credits?

  • News on the repurchase of credits

    Regularly, Good Finance publishes articles on the news of the repurchase of credits and on consumer credits

Our banking partners

Our banking partners

Good Finance works with all national and regional partners in credit consolidation guaranteeing you access to a wide range of solutions.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, we find the partner best suited to your situation and support you throughout the implementation of the most optimal tailor-made solution for your budget.

Credit consolidation

Credit consolidation

Credit consolidation is a financial transaction that consists of consolidating all or part of your debts into a single rescheduled credit in a single loan. This operation can also be called ” credit buy-back ” or ” debt consolidation “.

It aims to decrease your monthly payments through an extension of duration.  Each situation, each story is unique.

Our expert advisers in the field of credit consolidation are at your disposal to understand your history, your project, your wishes and support you towards the most suitable financial solution.

We are in direct contact with financial organizations (banks, credit organizations) which have implemented solutions different from those that may exist in your bank. Our mission is therefore to listen to you, build and explain your file so that it can be analyzed by our banking partners.

Why combine your credits?

Why combine your credits?

Carry out new projects

For example: access to property, replace your vehicle, finance your children’s studies, finance work.


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